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Auto Completer Example

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Struts 1.2
Can I to use Struts 1.2 this example? 

Struts 2 autocompleter tags
Hi Sagar, The above example is developed using <s:head theme="ajax" /> tag. Please check it again. Thank you for visiting and reading our site. Vinod Kumar 

For <s:autocompleter>
can u send any example of <s:autocompleter> with theme="ajax" . Thank you 

can it be drill down more
Can it be drill down to 3 level like select state-> select ->Road ,Select - > House 

Question how to get values
hi, how do i get the value from the selected autocompleter? 

Auto Complete
Hi I tried ur code , if i am passing list name in jsp auto complete is not working If i put some hard coded values as list values it works do suggest  

I have tried the code ,It's really good. I just tried to remove the drop downarrow so i inculded the parameter showDownArrow="false" true and false both are reflecting the same. Could you please help me how to disable the drop down arrow. 

<s:autocompleter showDownArrow="false"/>
I just want to remove the down arrow and included the line showDownArrow="false" but it doesn't make any difference between false and true Could you please let me know how to remove the dropdown in the textbox. 

autocompleter showDownArrow="false"
I just want to remove the down arrow and included the line showDownArrow="false" but it doesn't make any difference between false and true Could you please let me know how to remove the dropdown in the textbox. 

File Upload using Database
Hi, I have seen the <s:file> and tried file upload.But ther is no database related examples nand any other.. How can we store a uploaded file into BLOB in Oracle database.. Thanks & Regards, Mohammed Arif. 

Auto Completer
Hi, I work on the ajax auto completer ..I am getting the values from the database into my list and where i select the value it doesn't displays the related fields values.. Pls send me the code... Thanks a lot.. Shujath..  

autocompleter with dataFieldName
I have tried with dataFieldName it works fine for struts2.0.9 but it isn't able to recognize the attribute dataFieldName in struts2.0.6 is there any thing i need to modify/include? 

How can I replace any white space
How can I replace any white space typed by the user in the autocompleter combobox 

Maximum 30 entries
Hi, can I change the fact, that the list only shows the first 30 entries, when I press the drop down button? thanks! 

One deadly mistake possible while executing this.
Hi. Yesterday one friend of mine copied this code and tried to execute this after making some slight(in fact not slight at all!!!!) changes. He was getting some error message. On correcting it i found that he had declared the state variable of typ 

hi this autocompleter not showing dropdown wen i enter text. wat to do? 

Autocomplere Error
When I was trying to execute the above code, getting the following exception. No tag "autocompleter" defined in tag library imported with prefix "s". Please help me to solve this,  

Code For Autocompleter Code
Can i get the code or jar for Autocompleter tag lib. 

autocomplete textbox
hi can you send me the code for autocomplte text box which retrieve the values from database(oracle). 

struts 1.2
pls send tutorials 

i am using struts2(core 2.1.6) but it seems that the autocompleter is not available..i mean it doesn't exist in the suggestion list after i type <s:...> and if force to complete the tagged and then run.. it says No tag "autocompleter" defined in ta 

Thank you for your section,It is a clear mind than my book! 

In this autocompleter example you got data a list object created by your self, but when in real time usage if we want get data from database, for every single character, what about performance of application, for every single character typing one dat 

<sx:autocompleter> instead of <s:autocompleter>
Te code doesnot work with <s:autocompleter>, this tag is in struts-dojo-tags 

struts2 Autocompleter
hi . i am working Auto Completer Example in roseindia.net but it has a error occurs. No tag "autocompleter" defined in tag library imported with prefix "s" please solve my problem . thanks<br> venu  

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