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Java Count Vowels

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how to count the vowels individualy??
what is the program syntax for counting the vowels individually?? for example... I entered a word like MISSISSIPPI.. the program will count how my I's are there in the string...or word..  

Good site
This site really very for the students those who are learning java. 

about core java 1.5 software for windows XP
i need a software for downloading and installing core java 1.5 for windows platform.If solution is available please mail the lik to my id 

nice i solve the program thank you very much 

Please help Getting all the 1st letter of the string we will right getting acronym 

Count vowels letter in enterd word
Hi.. * I want to write a program for count the how many vowels letter among words typed by user from key board. * Especially when the user type some word one line and press enter key in key board then only the program should start to count then 

Lenght of str
To get len of str, v r using length() method. But in case of cmd line arg , v r using length method. Why? 

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