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Java Compare String (== operator)



string comparison
Hi, String string2 = new String("Hello"); ..could you please expalin me how this string is assigned Thanks and Regards A.G.Varadarajan  

Hi String string2 = new String("Hello"); in the above statement in single line creating new string object, and assigning a value to it. this also same String string2=new String(); means creating new string object by using new word,an 

Hi.. I need some help with strings.. We got this activity and we are supposed to come up with an output like for example scholastica.. there are 2 s's right? i need to come up with the number of times a letter appeared in the word. please help me! 

but if String s1="java"; String s2="java"; now s1==s2 return true why 

use equals method of the String class instead of ==. its more appropriate. 

Java Compare String (== operator)
use equals method of String class instead of ==.. its more appropriate. 

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