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Login or Cancel Application Using Ajax



This cords not working well with IE6.0
I tested this codes with IE6.0 and it wasn't working well. 2 parameters(username and password) was null in Login class. But when I open the same page with FireFox, it was working very well. how can I solve this problem??  

example not working
I tried to use your example. I am getting this error. Expression parameters.parseContent is undefined on line 45, column 28 in template/ajax/head.ftl. The problematic instruction: ---------- ==> ${parameters.parseContent?string} [on line 45, co 

regarding ajax
Hi, In the above example showAjaxLoginForm code is missing. This ajax example is not working. 

Doesn't work on IE6
Hi, this example works fine with firefox, but doesn't work with IE6 

Doesn't work on IE6
It doesn't missing code for showAjaxLoginForm, but this example doesn't work on Internet Explorer 6 

problem ajax internet expore
Sir, I use the same code as u given in the drop down. But there is some problem in the internet exporer 6. Hidden value is not access. The code is working fine in the firefox. Please give me any idea. Varun Mittal 

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