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Writing and testing method of addition of two numbers



The nice program for the beginners
Thanks for the Example program .. which is so nice for the beginners 

if the more additons examples are provided means. it so useful. can i have more additonal examples 

Example Should be explanatory
Hello, I think that the example for JUnit is not sufficent.Bec when I tried to same example then I have to modify the same example and then execute it. My suggestion was that the example should be sufficent enough so that it is very easy to run and  

More examples needed.
Hi, Thanks for this Tutorial. Can you post more samples for a better understanding ? 

hi, the above example working good. but it's not sufficient to understand junit or to debug it please try to add few more examples. so that it could help others to use it or to build their code to perfection  

Is Junit supports Struts2.0? 

Test Suite
cud you show how to run TestSuite 

need more examples on junit
sir, the above example isworking good. but it's not sufficient to understand junit  

Plzzz Help
I've Done Exactly What You ve sed to me and i have one probleme the extension should be .java or .class??? because when it .java it is saying to me the Class not found C:\Documents and Settings\Okolo> java junit.textui.TestRunner CalculatorTest Cla 

nice material 

whatever given here is a great help for the beginner like me.. i thank for that.. 

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