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Include Tag (Data Tag) Example

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includeTag (Data Tag) Example not working
includeTag (Data Tag) Example not working(the constructor date(string) is deprecated) anybody tell me how to use in another way... 

Include this method in java file...
Include this method in java file... ... public void setMyBirthday(Date d){ myBirthday=d; } ...  

struts2 with hibernate tutorial, struts2 with jdbc
Hi, this is sravan. Working in Malaysia. Your tutorial on struts2 is very helping for me. 1)please provide me struts2 with hibernate tutorial, 2)struts2 with jdbc tutorial (or) send me any tutorial links based on above concepts.  

include and accent
i face problem with accent (for example é) when i'm using <s:include !! all my pages are fileencoded in iso8859-1  

nice="true" can u tell me y we r using this... 

This will not work
the include tag will not work because the action is never called. 

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Include tag example in Struts
Include tag example in Struts   hi... sir. This is sreenu sir. I am learning struts2 but i have a small doubt i am using include tag. ex... include tag ..... is not displayed pls telll me sir.? i using this tag using 

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Include Tag (Data Tag) Example
Include Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the include tag. The include tag is a generic tag that is used to include a servlet's output (result of servlet 

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include tag
am learning struts2 but i have a small doubt i am using include tag. ex... i am develop one example. ex: welcome to include tag include value=example.jsp... on mybirthday.jsp page in the above include tag "welcome to rose india.net 

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Include Tag:
Include Tag:       bean:include Tag... to that of the standard <jsp:include> tag, except that the response data... will learn to use the Struts Html  bean:include tags.  We will cover 

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struts2.2.1 include tag example.
struts2.2.1 include tag example. In this example, you will see the use of include tag of struts2.2.1. It is a generic tag that is used to include the output... of another web resource into current page. Directory structure of include tag 

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Param Tag (Data Tag) Example
Param Tag (Data Tag) Example      ... that is used to parameterize other tags. For example the include tag and bean tag... the start and end tag.  Struts behaves a bit different according 

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include tag
include tag  good morning sir. This is venu sir.i am pursing mca . I am learning struts2 but i have a small doubt i am using include tag. ex... include tag ..... is not displayed Thanks venu 

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Struts2 ComponentTagSupport - Struts
Struts2 ComponentTagSupport   I am working on struts2 custom tags...://joshuajava.wordpress.com/2008/12/27/creating-custom-components-with-struts-2/ I made example working. but my requirement is with the help of my custom tag i have to display 

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select tag in Struts2 to handle Enums - Struts
select tag in Struts2 to handle Enums  I have an java enum in my object. I am trying to set its values from struts2 select tag. I tried with "#list... to handle enums in struts2 select tag ?   Hi friend, Code to solve 

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Struts <s:include> - Struts
" Include Tag Example! Include Tag (Data Tags) Example! "mypage.jsp" Include Tag (Data...Struts   Hello guys, I have a doubt in struts tag. what am i 

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