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How to Throw Exceptions

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throw kyeword
its not clear give me some more explination on throw keyword. 

Java - Exception
I need all exceptions definition and sample programs. Thank U 

give me the hole example in the throw and throws in Exception handling 

Why throw keyword is necessary???
Hi, Pls tell me why throw keyword is useful if try-catch block can do the same work.  

throw and throws
i want to know if we use both throw and throws in that case do we need to give try and catch block. 

i want to know types of exceptions used in an order and in simple language 

I need definition and difference betwwen event propagation & event delegation? 

I Need definition for singleton class with example 

what is the difference b/n throws and throw 

How to Throw Exceptions
I'm Jimmiza from villers in SA. I wanna know how to use the throw new exepction in Java. If you can please send me a small project included this exepction I mention above. Thank you in advance for your attention.  

wat is wrong i??
package arjav; import*; class Count { public void countTest() { throws { int OneInt=0;; System.out.println(OneInt); }  

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