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Struts2 Actions

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rose india provides a very good tutorails on various technologies thanks to roseindia team 

how to retrieve multiple select values or checkbox
how to retrieve multiple select values or checkbox values in struts2 

Regarding Login
when I did the example above it is not getting inside the execute method simply it is showing loginCancel.jsp showing User Name is Required and Password is Required Regards Febin 

Regarding Struts-Config.xml
Hi, can you please tell me whether we can include more than one StrutsConfig.xml in one Struts Application... Awaiting ur reply.... its quite urgent...pls with regards, SADHUS bhasskarr@gmail.com 91-9247298874 

i want to struts 2.0 archticture 

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Struts2 Actions
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Struts2 Actions
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Struts 2 Actions
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