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Date Difference

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Hi , can you help in getting code if i give Date1= 5 feb 2008 Date2 =7 marh 2008 answer i want is 2 days 1 month 0 year. kindly help ASAP 

about java
the program is good . but can u help in my problem . my problem is how can,we print the output of java program into printer or in proper view. please reply on my e-mail address looking forward............ 

Date Difference using in Date Class
in date difference in this way only or any other format is there. i have one query. your using calender class i am asking any other way means using Date class using. in this how to calculate seconds,milliseconds,hours days. please let me know the an 

Good Program
Very good program. It is very easy to understand. Less LOC. Good Perfect. Thanks Really !!!  

difference between dates
Calendar date1=Calendar.getInstance(); Calendar cal1 = Calendar.getInstance(); cal1.add(Calendar.DATE, 7); Calendar date2=(Calendar)cal1.clone(); long daysBetween = 0; while (date1.before(date2))  

Thank you for ur code
Date Difference calculation is very well suited for my program...thanks 

In your DateDiffererence java class, it is giving diffrence between 2 dates in days... but i want duration in months and days... Can u please provide? 

Works not with daylight savings
Hello Try your program when at the day of daylight savings switch in spring or fall. You will find out that these days have one hour more or less than a normal day. Please correct that code! 

Helpful for me 

no library function
Hi, Can you tell me how to calculate diference between 2 dates in days with out using library functions? Thanks in advance! 

Don't work
This don't work when one of both days is during Daylight Saving Time and the other is not during that time. 

About Date difference...
Hello... I've accepted the two date values in String datatype variables. If I try to convert them to Date format , it gives mr error "Incompatible type Conversion". How can I find difference between two dates...? Thanks. 

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