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Convert Integer to Double

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int to double
this is the case when you want to convet string int value to string double value. To convet primitive int to primitive double following can be done int i = 10; double d = Double.parseDouble(Integer.toString(i)); 

Who cares about efficiency everyone's running quad cores nowadays anyway *rolleyes* 

Not efficient
Re: primitive double to primitive int. Yes, true, it works, but it's like going from India to UK by crossing the Pacific Ocean, you'll be there of course but... Generating string and then parse it back? No, the right way to do it is simply: do 

Good solution of the program  

Int To Double, Java Java Conversion IntegerToDoubl
Please do _NOT_ use the previous way to convert int to double - THIS IS THE WORSE EVER EVER EVER! 'cause, it is using a string as transition state for converting it.... There is nothing worse than string from performance point of view. int i =  

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