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Convert ArrayList To Array

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abt roseindia
Dear RoseIndia, glad to say this ..u r site is very much useful for all developers and lerners.please introduce some new concepts and new examples to use ful for all people. Regards jakeer.mahamad 

data structure
how to create a program with at least two data structure it can be stack, array, arraylist, linkedlist 

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Convert ArrayList To Array
Convert ArrayList To Array       This is a simple program of java util.package. In this section, you will learn how to convert an Arraylist into an array.  Code Description 

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java code for conversion of arraylist to string  Hi, i have an arraylist contains [a,b,value,c,d,value]when ever value comes it will split into seperation.fo that i want to convert into string, after that split the string 


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arrayList can be converted into string array. For this first converts the arrayList into the object array. This is done by  using the toArray() method. Then cast it into the string and assign in the String array 

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