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Open Source Screen Scraping Tools written in Java



i need code for Screen scrap 

plz help me
i need stuf for prgamming plz help friend...  

Need code for screen scrap in java
Need java code for site scraping 

Open Source Screen Scraping Tools written in Java
This is Good. Open Source Screen Scraping Tools written in Java Thanks  

Sr. Section Manager
I am resarching on creating keywords 

Hi, I wonder where I can find a screen scraper. 

Regarding screen scrap tools
Dear Team!!!! Is there any screen scrapping tool? If yes kindly provide me some tools name, either free or purchase? Thanks. 

Name: Screen Scraper URL
J re\bin\java -jar screen-scraper.jar (-s) "scraping_session_name" [{-p,--pa rams} "URL-encoded_variable_string"]  

Screen scraper
{screen-scraper-install-folder}\jre\bin\java -jar screen-scraper.jar {-s} "scraping_session_name" [{-p,--params}"URL-encoded_variable_string"] or: CD{screen-scraper-install} jre\bin\ -jar screen-scraper.jar {s-} " scraping_session_name" [{-p, - 

Screen scraper
"C:\Program File\screen_scraper professional edition\jre\bin\jva" -jar screen-scraper.jar -s "Google search" -p "search_string=screen+scraper" 

Screen scraper
"C:\Program File\screen-scraper professional edition\jre\bin\java" -jar screen-scraper.jar -s "Hotmail mail retrieval" --params "user_name=u name&password=mypass" 

I want somemore information about Screen scrapper how like this screen scrppaper source code can be get.and any other screen scrapper open source can u suggested.  

source code
Hello.. I need .net code for web scraping/data mining tool  

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