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Introduction to Collections API

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Exception in Null pointer Exception
Hai, I have the Error of Run time Exception: Null Pointer Exception in the following program. This is a sample program of JDBC concept. JComboBox idcombo; rs.ResultSet("SELECT p_id FROM product); while( { idcombo.addItem(I 

about weblogic
please send me ans... 1)how we run weblogic from command prompt?  

Runtime Exception
idcombo.addItem(Interger.toString(getInt(1))); in the above staement type spelling of Integer correctly 

re:I have the Error of Run time Exception: Null Po
When u run it did it tell u to initialize the idcombo...if yes what value u will assign... or else try out by creating an object like this... JComboBox idcombo = new JComboBox(); 

i love your examples. please could please send some more examples on collections to my email box. Any effort to do this will be highly appreciated 

Handle the exception with try/catch clause. sytax is as under. try{ put you code here ------ } catch(NullpointerExcepiton e) { }  

what is the maximum number of charaters that can be sent in query string 

reg Arraylist default value
Hi, what is the default value of arraylist??? Regards Hari 

hi... ResultSet rs=smtobj.executeQuery("SELECT p_id FROM product"); while({ Sys.o.p(rs.getInt(1)): }  

java mini project title
hi,,,, now i am going to doing the java mini project, with level of my please give me any idea for doing the project as well as give me tha a title...... by muthu 

PLEASE SEND SOME EXAMPLES on this to my mail 

send all concepts in java with examples 

first of all i want to thank u :) its very nice site n all examples r so much help full how i thank i dont kw i ave no word for this gd wishes 

i don't know about java before using this website. so it's very useful for all users... thank you 

hai java
pl send all concepts of java even a small thing..since i'm weak in prev pgmin lang i learnt... 

java data base codings and packages
your java examples is very super. please some package example and database example send to my email address thank you  

svp give me examples j2ee for debutant 

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