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XML Validate DTD

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XML object with DTD
good for beginners 

Req: Kindly clarify us.
In Your XML file including the <DOCTYPE ...> Except <DocTYPE...> How to validation.. 

XML Comparison in JAVA
We want the coding of how to compare two xml files in java.We know that how to read a xml file in java by using DOM parser.But,We dont know how to compare.Struggling for that part.Please guide us. 

where is Employee.dtd
It is not clear how transformer will know where can it get a content of Employee.dtd. Could anybody clarify this point? Thanks! 

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XML Validate DTD
DTD (Document Type Definition)  using the DOM APIs. A DTD.... Description of program: Validating a XML file against a DTD needs a xml file and its DTD document. First of all construct a well-formed xml file along with a DTD 

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XML DTD  What is DTD in xml file ?   A DTD (Document Type Definition) defines the structure and building blocks of a xml document. It can be also written inside the xml document 

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DTD   hello, what is DTD? define DTD.   hii, DTD stands for Document Type definition. DTD is a just like a rule book for an XML documents. Once DTD is ready, you can create number of XML documents which will follow 

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XML validation against a dtd -refering http://www.w3.org/1999/xmlschema
XML validation against a dtd -refering  hi i have an issue in validating an xml against dtd .As the currently used schema is http..." old version is there any solution to validate my xml against the dtd i have 

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How to parse an XML as per dtd in java  Please help to tell me a logic to parse an xml as per mentioned dtd inside xml. I've used SAX and DOM both but that only check for well formed xml tags but don't validate as per DTD. please 

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