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Apache Solr 1.2 released

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Apache Solr
Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP APIs, caching, replication, and a web administration interface 

Quering in solr
Could you tell how to insert, update and retrieve data using solr? I mean is it ok with simple sql queries or some new query language is used for it?  

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Apache Solr 1.2 released
Apache Solr 1.2 released Welcome to Apache solr 1.2 ! To get started... in January 2007. It has been donated to the Apache Software Foundation in early 2006. Solr is now a subproject of Lucene, which is Apache's Java-based full-text 

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. We also develops plugins for apache server.   Apache Solr Apache Solr is open source platform based on lucence full text search engine. Apache Solr is used to index and search wide variety of documents. Our 

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