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Convert a Character into the ASCII Format



If I'm not mistaken, this just converts a character to unicode. It doesn't make a bit of difference for characters below values of 127, but above that, it will give inaccurate results. Making a converter to ascii, now THATS the tricky part.  

el man-o
u r the man! and uber cool 

Ascii to character
how to convert ascii to character.pls mail the simple code to convert. i am waiting ur reply.its urgent 

Rose India is fro Sure a good source for JSP learners .1 Suggestion i would like to give is please include some Quality examples for JSP. 

hw to cnvert hexToAscii
how to convert hex to ASCII, help me plz.......... 

About one more programm
I need one more code.How to convert ASCCI code into charecter. Thank you 

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