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Applet versus Application

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applet tutorial
good but can be improved with emphasis on difference with servlets rather than just differences between applets and applications 

thanks 4 providing all these information......tomorrow i have my exams but i m not tensed becuse u have given all those related to java which i m seraching for................thanku so much 

hi am swati.thanks 4 providing all these information about java......day after tomorrow i have java xam. but i m not tensed becuse u have given the notes from basics &briefly also. which i m seraching for.thanku so much.  

i got more information about the jdbc concept and applets 

application to applet
Hi! I am trying to convert an application program to an applet and it keeps giving me errors. Can someone look at it and let me know what the problem is? thanks. heres' my source code: import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt. 

Applet Programming Vs Application Prog.
contents are very useful for an individual who generally wants to know the difference b/w applet prog. And Application Prog..i would like to thanks the members of rose India.. 

thank you for the information I gather. keep it up! 

hey good....!!!! the info given was jus tooo good.... Thank u 

So [i]many[/i] [b]clear[/b] examples and so [i]many[/i] [b]clear[/b] explanations. I will recommend this site to any one interested in learning Java. 5* 

There should be mention the disadvantage of Applet"why we prefer servlet".The description of problem of Loading & trevleing the Applet class file over the network.  

Absolutely incredibly useful and helpful site! It's a pity though that there are so many mistakes in the English. But still an amazing resource! 

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