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Client Side validation in Struts 2 application


Good work,guys
nice you. 

Client Side validation is not working
Hi, Thanks for the nice tutorial........ But i am not getting client validation alerts on my page.............. ........  

me too!
think you for your tutorials!!!! but me too I have not client javascript validation in my page !! 

javascript error occurs, "dojo not defined". and javascript alert with null arises!. what is the prob? 

error message
I try to click Login button more than one times, old error message is not clear, new error message is show in a new line. 

Nice Tutorial
Thank you for this sweeeet tutorial.... 

Validation theme
I've a app that validate a form. When the validation is wrong, the theme change to "default" theme or something like that. I use, in order to set my theme: <head> <title>Login</title> <link rel=StyleSheet href="/resources/style.css" type="tex 

NO Script is generate
Hi Im new to Struts 2 and im trying to use the client side validation but but the java script function is no created, the call is genarated but y repeat the function not. Can someano tell me why. Thanks very much. Bye 

Reason for no client side validations taking place
In the form declaration on the Login.jsp, specify action name and its package namespace separately as : <s:form action="doLogin" namespace="/roseindia/net" method="POST" validate="true"> This should work now :)) 

Response To William
--------Original Message -------------------------- Hi Im new to Struts 2 and im trying to use the client side validation but but the java script function is no created, the call is genarated but y repeat the function not. Can someano tell me why.  

I cant get the Error message in javascript alert
I have configured client script javascript validation, But i got error window alert, I mentioned error attribute from message resource file information not shown in the alert window. Please kindly help me. Regards anand anand_gu@hotmail.com 

java script client side validation of login form
i want login form of client side validation purpose  

hi, I am new to Struts 2 and i tried this application, when i validate it ,its simply showing user name and password not empty, but fielderrors or not displaying any messages.I used maven to create my project architecture.. can u pls send me the e 

Where Struts Validation framework stores file
Hi, This is Raj. New to struts validation framwork. I was trying a sample poc kind of application using struts validation. On the fly framework generating java script files. but i am not able to locate that file physically. using browser's source v 

Client side validation
I tried your example for client side validation. But doing thay, I used again the login.jsp. I did not create a new JSP : loginClientSideValidation.jsp. my client side validation does not work. When I look at the created HTML's source, I see that a 

Hi, thanks for this tutorial. I'm trying to use the tag <fielderror> in order to group the errors. It does the job, but i don't know how to not generate the errors near the inputs.. (useless with the <fielderror>) Thanks in advance 

How to refresh the page
Hi, Tried the above example, when clicked on login button without entering username / password it is displaying the error. When click again the previous error msgs are there and adding new msgs. How to show only one error msg at a time Thanks  

multiple Error messages
I had a problem like this and was using spring along with struts 2. Spring by default creats beans as singleton so try making the bean of the action class non singleton 

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