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Create - XML File (Document)

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the examples were very good and well explained. and they worked. liked this site very much. will visit again. 

Great Tutorial
I searched for DOM answers all over the place until I found this tutorial. Clear, easy to understand with simple examples. Thanks!! 

I am new to both Java&XML, this site it the best I found so far. Thanks! 

I got the following error while compiling the code. "DOMSource node as this type not supported." Please advise!  

One of the best web sites to learn JAVA
This is one of the best websites to learn JAVA. Every line of code is explained in a very simple manner. 

ahhhh ! this site is gr8 for java developers i was searching for xml code n i found it on this site 

attributes for the element
Code is for create a simple XML file,Really this is a very good code. Actully i have some attributes of the elements. And some have no data. Then how I do ....  

Comment about the Class
Hi, This is very much helpful for me thank you.. Great work.... 

public ArrayList extractClassesFromDir (String dirName) throws Exception { DirName=dirName; StringTokenizer stoken= new StringTokenizer(DirName,"\\"); while(stoken.hasMoreTokens()){ DirName=stoken.nextToken(); } Dir=dirName; Syst 

i am trying to make one servlet for all jsp files
hello all .... i am trying to craete one servlet for all jsp files but i am getting any hint .....anybody can help plz... 

It worked great. However I wonder how the formatting could be improved with newlines. Right now everything is on one line, so its not very readable. 

not saving created xml-data as a file
Thanks. Works fine, except for the created xml-data is not saved as an xml-file. What to add to it or change to the code to make it the created xml-data actually save as an xml-file? Thanks 

"C:\vinod\xml>javac..." in the output
Hi, Nice post. I however do not understand how the code was able to print these two lines of code : C:\vinod\xml>javac I would like to create an XML file like you have done, but also store it in some folder on my comp..  

Creating XML in java
good example 

Great job!
I appreciate you for providing such good stuff for the developers. 

XML creation
very helpful 

getting exception for the above programe
Getting below exception INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: An invalid or illegal XML character is specified. 

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