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New to programming...

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fear with codding
Hi, I don't have any idea about codding pls can u help me regarding this matter. 

pls i want the tutorial to be sent into my email address 

very good
easy to learnplz include some programe  

Very nice
this is dam good notes in roseindia.net thank you  

new to java
new to java 

tutorialse of java 

please sent me learning of java step by step and also send me java sample examples and sample tests thank you very much! 

give me some more efficient and understandable toutorial please . I need to learn this very urgently 

Java Tutorials
It is the best learning site I have ever seen. I am learning Java for my daugther Tanaya who is in IVth Std. But now I am also interested in Java. The best part is Tutorials which helps us to understand it easily. I hope to continue the learning.  

pls i want the tutorial to be sent into my email address 

String handling
please send how to solve String handling concept tell me a good web site or please send good content on String handling who is used in company 

For loop
how for loop work does first it go to int a then a<5 after a++ then it print the hellow or it go int a then condition then print then it go to increement. i am confused please solve my problem for(int a;a<5;a++). { System.out.print("hellow");  

how we can create login page in javafx. 

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i want for statement codding

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