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What is Java?

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nice to see
ur materials are usefull and interesting 

Good tutorials
I really like how you set up your tutorials. You should have tutorials for JCreator.  

sir can u send me the tutorials of java in pdf or any format through mail please sir ... 

send me core java n advanced java pdf 2 mymail
hi plzz send me core java n advanced java pdf 2 mymail iam in search of job in london and plzz advice me  

This material is really very useful for us. Thank u so much for providing these kind of materials. 

i Need scjp 5.0 book and sample paper's for Sun Certfied Java Programmar plz.. send me Sample Paper's If any body have  

Request for Tutorial
Sir , I am new to java, i can design in swing but to write the code is a problem for me , can you please send any tutorial on how to write source code in java using Swing . Thanks  

Network conjestion avoid using java
I have to create application for avoiding the network conjestion problem.. i.e if one path is busy in the network it has to select the alternative shortest path automatically Plz any one help me with some codes and step by step procedures to do thi 

i want breifly explanation and also want material 

plz send me any corejava tutorials
sir, i want learn j2se.plz send me any j2se related books, tutorials and video files. 

Send java material
please send java material to this emailid 

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