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Logic Empty Tag (...)

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nice tutorial
very nice tutorial 

Nice Example
Hi, This is a very good example about the logic tag. If u can provide a complex example then it would be better. Thanks Srikanta 

Any one help me in using the tags
Hi there, Am new to getting a list in the page i need to check whether the list is empty or not. In struts1 i will check using <logic:empty /> or <logic:notempty /> tags.. how to check this condition in struts2?? Thanks and re 

very good website for freshers 

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Logic Empty Tag (<logic:empty>...</logic:empty>)
Logic Empty Tag (<logic:empty>...</logic:empty>) ...; <%@ taglib uri="/tags/struts-logic" prefix="logic" %>...;logic:notEmpty &gt; </h4>  Results:not Empty </logic 


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