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Selection Sort In Java

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what about if i want to sort a string array???
hi there. mmmm i have this project whee i have to create a small game that needs a string array. i have to ask the user to enter the names then i have to sort them alphabatically i know there is a sort method that can do it but i ne 

i want to know the sorting...
i want to know the sorting... To make a program for bubble sort & selection sort and then display the number of swap and comparison of its sort .. Please help me ! thanks; Louie  

I want to know about selection sorting using variable names and display y decending order!!! me! 

brilliant words
truly you gave me information on how to make this codes.thank you 

i want to know more about java . 

thanks for all your help in this selection sort. 

i wann to knw sorting in brief n how to its work n every part of sorting how its work i wann to knw so plz give brief example and brief theory also ok thanx for tht ok 

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