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Quick Sort In Java

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nice ascending sorting dude
nice brain storming there.. is there posible that i can use this code in creating descending sorting?? by the way, the program is great but it is quite long and complicated.. 

Equal elements
What if two elements in the array are equal? Then the while loop will run forever. How do you solve this? 

exellence report
hi,, i was very helpful by copying this program program code is excellent ,it can be understood by everyone that is the the very good thing... 

quick sort program using java
Its very useful for the beginners but I need the program using buffer  

quick sort
Hi, I am just trying to understand the concept of quicksort. I have been searching the web in order to find a satisfactory explanation, so far this is the best. However, when I copy and paste the source code to netbeans, it gives me the following e 

error when array contains same numbers
while (lo<hi && array[hi] > mid) { hi--; } must be while (lo<hi && array[hi] >= mid) { hi--; } to solve this 

thank u very much...
thank u very much do u know ur website famous in my country in department every student(PROGRAMMERS) take inform-ns. in ur site explanation very nice. God bless you. from Zerocool 

Does not work well!
This algorithm does not work well for duplicate items (had to modify it slightly to do so) and reaaaalllly does not work for large amounts of items to sort. At 50,000 it produces a stack overflow... I need to sort a million items.... =0( 

about this work
this very godd web site to bigginners for learn java.thank u very much to establish this. 

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