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Serializing an Object in Java

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throws execption
i tried this program and it throws exception error as Exection in thread main... It would be great if you give soliution to this! 

Give Some More Examples Of Serialization
Give me some more examples of Serializing Concept & how we can pass the obj into networks using this concept and what is Transient Variable how it relates to this concept 

really used by many of my students
I was very useful to me and the explanation given is very clear and understandable. Thanks alot 

OOPz!!! this is moreusefull and easily understandable 

Job on
In the java language witch module is more important,like Servlet or other (  

Why Serializable
In the java there is many method or other easier techique for writting or reading the object so or Serializable and Deserializable in jav  

very nice and usable codes. these codes are also easily understand... Thank's  

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