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JTree Remove Node

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i want create a menu in java applet
i like your web site. its will be more useful for the beginners. in future i will get lot of information about java in roseindia.net. 

Very Useful
It is very useful to have a reference..It really help us as a beginner... Thank you and more power.. I hope you will help more.... Salamt sa inyo lahat..... 

What about removing a leaf
Hello, thank you for your code. But it doesn't work if we want to remove a leaf. I have an error message at the line: mNode = (MutableTreeNode)path.getLastPathComponent(); Because path is null when the node is a leaf. How can we remo 

reed from JTree
hello, I want to know how to link JTree node to open file. Please tell me how can I do? Thanks very much. 

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