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Struts Dispatch Action Example

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Simply supertb
The contents are very simple and superb. Useful for any one . 

Good java/j2ee
Hi, This is Ashok.just i gone through your site i am really saying thanks to every one.This is good site for beginers because you provide diagrametic approach.This is very very good idea any one can learn by seeing that diagrams what is flow of t 

Beautifull site
for me, it's site very simple to learn and perform. thanks and regards. 

Struts Struts Dispatch Action
very useful one. It will be gud essential for beginner stucts.  

need more complex code
It is good to see the dispatcher action class code.Please can u give much more complex than present one... Thank u... 

hi everyone i m pankaj.. i did not anything about struts but it has given a very idea to frame the struts architecture.. thanks a lot pankaj singh 

very useful
very useful 

Hi, This is good site for learners as well as professtionals. sridhar 

DipatchAction , lookUPDispatchAction and MappingDi
Hi Please let me know diffrence between DipatchAction , lookUPDispatchAction and MappingDispatchAction  

Very good but i want the javaScript to call the method of DispatchAction 

very good site
Hi thanks for the very good site. it's very simple and useful as well as professionals. omar 

very good
Hi This is a very good site for learners as well as professtionals. thanks 

Dispatch action class code
It is good to see the dispatcher action class code and it's site very simple to learn and easy to understand.I really like it this site.  

good site to get basic idea 

Hii I tried this example and when i click on a link i have this error: HTTP Status 500 - No action instance for path /DispatchAction could be created message No action instance for path /DispatchAction could be created description The serv 

A sincere gratitude for your Struts Material
It educed me a lot when concerned with STRUTS. I whole heartedly appreciate you work for publishing such a valuable information on web.  

Dispatch Action
Examples on how to use DispatchAction 

hi plese someone tell me how to use js files in struts when using dispatchaction 

Dont we need dispatchMethod in this example?
As far as I know we need to add code for dispatchMethod to dipatch to perticular method. Do we need this method or not? Can somebody please clear this confusion?  

can we write two methods in Action Class
I have a small dought can we write multipul methods in Action class like dispatch Action. In Action class some time we will write two methods execute(),iscancel(). 

Doubt regarding Action Dispatcher in java
Where would we find Action Dispatcher file in java? If Action dispatcher is missing how could we find out that file? I am getting "HTTP Status 503 - Servlet ActionDispatcher is currently unavailable" error in java  

error in jsp file
hi...i think action is missing in ur dispatchaction.jsp file..go through and send me a correct solution..while executing the programm output came but in linking fashoin just call add section came ..below line not camee.can u find out error and send s 

its very helpful .. 

Can anyone help me to solve this problem????
Hi While executing this code and clicking on the link "Call Add Section", I am getting this error: HTTP Status 404 - Invalid path was requested --------------------------------------------- type Status report message Invalid path was reque 

I thanks whole heartedly to the publisher,and I request to provide more examples on each types of action in struts 

How the call is transferred
How the call is transferred from form to dispath class when user clicks any button form contains multiple butttons 

Please provide valid Informations
Hey, Did you test this code before posting in the site... it never works...have to override dispathmethod... 

This is a good article. I feel the DispatchAction.jsp should be available under WebConstant (The same place as index.jsp).  

Comment About this page
Hi, I am very thankful to you for providing this solution. This helped me a lot. Thanks 

hello this code is not working the control won't come to action class but it is coming to action form plz sujest what we will do  

dispatch action example
very good explanation... 

solution to make it work
override the execute() method to make this example work. 

Hello check it
Check package name and action servlet name in action mapping, I am sure you misspell while giving packagename.ActionClass Name. 

Error in accessing "parameter" from JSP Page
I can see proper value of "parameter" getting calculated by the Controller form which implements Dispatch Action. But when im using "parameter" from the corresponding JSP Page, an Error is thrown, indicating "NULL property value" for "Parameter".. 

Dear Friends, Please try try this its very userful . By. 

Use <jsp:forward..>
Instead of using <html:Link..>. Use <jsp:forward..> and it will solve the problem. 

Comment on Dispatch Action example
this is good example that help me to understand about how to use Dispatch Action in struts. this code is running successfully thanks for this 

thanks for sharing these sample codes with beginers like us. It is really useful in understanding. Cheers Saurabh Dobhal 

The import org.apache.struts.action.DispatchAction
I am using using struts-1.3.10 library and getting an import error on org.apache.struts.action.DispatchAction; I tried exploring the struts-core-1.3.10.jar to check if it has the DispatchAction class but couldn't find it . So I downloaded a fres 

Hii I tried this example and when i click on a link i have this error: HTTP Status 500 - No action instance for path /DispatchAction could be created message No action instance for path /DispatchAction could be created description The serv 

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