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Java - Class, Object and Methods in Java


what is the differences between class and object? 

the concepts of this() and this reference
any sample programs using the concepts of this() and this reference ?? 

Help on writin a program
i wrote a program that determines whether a number inputed is prime or not, but now i want to make an object that if its not prime, then it will print in the product of prime.. e.g 6 = 2 * 3 or 8 = 2 * 4;  

core java
what is System.out.println and why we use this in core java? 

a nice example to begin with for classes
A very good example for beginers for using classes and objects 

Help me For my first lesson in 2nd yir college cs
mail me plss. how to make a program in notepad ..plsss.. 

very nice i'am a corean, it can give enough information. 

java programming
how to make a program with an output of: ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** 

write aprogram that will take the hostname as input and disply the hostname and address as follows: hostname is... ip address is.. and check if the host can be reached and accordinaly disply the message 

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