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What is Java Server Faces?

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way it is explained it is simple and easy to understand pretty quickly..thanx 

Comment on the website
This website is a boon to the developers to learn the latest java technology. 

Hi all readers this is a very good site for all java tutorials 

Good One 

Its a nice way to teach. Really iam getting your points. your points can get anybody ,You are a good teacher & writer.. 

Thanks a ton for making learning easy and faster. 

I do not have words to thank u people. 

A sugession
hi , i would suggest to take away the flash from this weight loss advertisment .. it was very distracting for me,i not quite sure how other users feel.. i had to resize the window to read the content about JSF, just sharing my views. thanks 

Excellent job
Excellent job...such an good tutorials i recommend everyone to utilize this great site.. 

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