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Examples of iText

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generating lists in a table cell
how can I build a list in a table cell? List list = new List(false, 10); Paragraph p1 = new Paragraph(); list.add(new ListItem("111")); list.add(new ListItem("222")); list.add(new ListItem("333")); p1.add(list); document.add(p1); // this works 

How to create PDF form using itext with JDBC
I would like to create a PDF file using JSP/Servlet getting data from the database.I am looking for examples. Thanks 

Ensure entire cell is a hyperlink
Hi, the following is my code for setting a hyperlink to a cell in a table. ------------------ code starts ------------------ private static Table makeTableFromMap(final String firstColumnTitle, final String secondColumnTitle, final java.ut 

Add text to an existing .pdf
Hi, I'm trying to open up an existing .pdf file (not create a new one) and apply text to a particular area, say using x & y coordinates. I'm looking for a simple example please.  

how to set backgrond image to pdf file
Hi, I want to set the background image to pdf doc, is it possible?...any help is appriciated, thanks in advance. regards, Sunil 

Convert some elements of a PDF table as AcroForm E
Hi, This is a nicely compiled site with good examples. I am looking for piece of code that would process an existing PDF Document, looks for cerrtain cells in the table and convert them as AcroForm Elements (Editable Textbox). Thanks in advan 

how create pdf
can any one please teel me how tocreate a pdf file in jsp, and by using which package...... thanks in advance 

How to create PDF's in jsp
u can create the PDF doC's using the iText software  

How to make first page of pdf file as image Icon?
Hi, Is it possible to show the first page of a pdf file in Java swing GUI like image icon. I have more dynamic pdf files and I thought showing first page of pdf file in the same GUI will be usefull to select right file at first time. Thanks, Gu 

Headerand footer in PDF
can any body help me, how to create header while creating PDF thru itext . and also how i can give page no at the footer of the each page. 

These examples could help
Thanks for the free tutorials Also, from my experience in real IT world - i think examples like - How to merge two PDFs (and how to modify the existing page numbers etc after merging the two), How to manipulate existing PDFs would be very helpful 

Hello, How would we add a background image? watermark? How can we add a border to the document? Around the entire document. Is it possible to print multiple "chunks" on the same line. No line advancement. Thank You, this has been VERY use 

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