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How to wrap image in the pdf file



adding images to pdf generated through iText
The coding is understandable but please tell where to store the devi.jpg file in the application. The program is giving an exception "file devi.jpg not found". Thanks in advance for your help. 

element alignment in a Page
Hi, I want to have multiple element a Barchart, TextArea, PieChart and a Table in a sigle page of the PDF Document. I wont their alingment to be as I wish. e.g TextArea below Barchart and Table below Piechart. Table and Piechart parallel to Tex 

very nice
supperp website...very useful to me... 

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even heard of iText before this. It's been a while since I did any Java coding... to start. I downloaded iText and have it in C:\ProgramFiles\java\iText\iText_5.0.0.jar. All I want to do, initially, is try to open my PDF in iText, and I can't