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Simplest Login and Logout example in JSP



Great contents
it is very easy to learn JSP and other to learn from this tutorials. Every thing is so clearly explained that it really help to grasp things quickly. It also covers lots of sufficient tutorial that we need to build site. And most important things w 

Simplest Login and Logout example in JSP
only site with useful coding to the developer Great Job ,,,Indeed with best regards sekhar 

when i click on back button i can see the page.i want once i log out on the click of back button it should show that content again 

To ask some queries
send jsp code for login logout and register and download and upload  

Please Help me...
I want to write a code for session login.Suppose anyone logs in & then logs out,it's ok!But if he press the BACK button ,he should not be directed to that page again.Instead he should get an error.Please send me the code for it! 

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