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Show Dialog Box in Java

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Even beginners can also understand this tutorial..
Even beginners can also understand this tutorial... Very nice... 

Please move the psvm(String args[]){} method as t
Please move the psvm(String args[]){} method as the last method, so that the beginners will first go through what are all the code that constitue the frames, and how at the end of the program, the entire code is shrunk in the name of the parent cl 

Hi, can u tell me the creation of Notepad in swi
Hi, can u tell me the creation of Notepad in swing....... The above example is very useful for me. Thanks., Gokul Kumar D. 

hi, instead of using myaction class we can use THIS method. ex.. button.addActionListener(this). by using this statement we can avoid the public class Myaction().. 

good 2 read
hi, this is very nice to step in to swing using this example thanks... 

the programe is good.but what i feel is instead of using two classes ShowDialogBox and MyAction is it not possible to use one class and do the job  

sir, ilove the samples u posted..  

hi thanks for information this is very good thanks again  

hi how hide the minimize and maximize buttton in the title bar of the window using java swings plz reply as soon as possible 

hi how hide the minimize and maximize buttton in the title bar of the window using java swings plz reply as soon as possible 

Thanks by posting your code... I got a new idea in your code by using it in my web application as msgbox.. Thanks again... 

It's a best example and best way to learn about message box. 

compiling problem
If i click "compile" button then error say "frame.add(button);". So what does this mean 

One Problem
example is good but dialog box is appeared behind the parent window first time, if i am adding these lines in my java code without button.. why it is happening?? User has to press Alt+ Tab to show the dialog box. Can anyone explain this?? 

Thanks. I wz looking for this 

about this
sorry gay's i can't understand this leason's 

Thanks For The information
The breif and Advanced information is most apt expect the seme future 

I think the above program will not execute because we are having two classes that are both public. 

can u pls help me make a database program that can add or sort by name or by age?? i really am troubled in making these program pls reply as soon u r able to comply... thanx.. 

Dialog box that accepts user name and password
I'm interested in coding/programming special thingsrelated user interfaces!!! 

why did we not use ContentPane
Here if we click on the frame and not the button even then the dialog box is being displayed. Why use the button? Insted could we not add content pane and then add the button so that the dialog box is displayed only when the button is pressed. 

Wow, thats great, I love the simplicity of the code. Appreciate it, GOD Bless ya. 

putting image in this code
can you give me an example and the code with the image by inserting the dialog box? please?? 

other example of dialogbox programming
please i would like thanks for your effort. give me other. thank you !. 

hai there can i get the ways hw to translet normal java coding into dialog box matted please can you guys help me>>>>>><<<<< 

very nice 

I like this sample java program,,, this program help me to improve my knowledge.....Thank'x,,,, 

hai thanks for ur help 

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