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JFreeChart - An Introduction

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full source code is wrong
Hi I downloaded the zip from the link above<required JFreeChart library jar files>. That does not work. You need additionally jfreechart-1.0.6.jar, itext-2.0.5.jar (manifest refers to itext-1.4.8.jar but I could not locate it) also in the class pa 

Jar is not working properly
i have add two jar's as u mention jfreechart-1.0.4-demo.jar and jcommon-1.0.8.jar but programe does not work .there are some classes which the jar files are unable to declear please help. 

Great tutorial in the world
this is very useful tutorial everybody following this tutorial. i hope u will be able to add updated technology also.  

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JFreeChart - An Introduction
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