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Switch Statement example in Java



software engineer
nice program ,to understand switch statement 

My Comment
Through your website, I have search all of the posible information that I need for our Homework.... Thank You..... 

this coding is good
i need calculator programm by using java,servlets ,jsp 

error in my program
switch case program in java shows illegal start of type in this program . please guide . here the program - public class p1 { public void menu() { System.out.println("1.area of a rectangle"); System.out.println("2.Area of a square");  

good example.
vry well explained .. it cleared all my doubts regarding switch.. few things that even my stupid teacher did'nt tell .i got to know from here. i dont hav any java book ..still i cleared all my doubts from here..  

pls help me!
can u help me! example of switch! like words convert to numbers! pls reply 

java switch statement
can you an give idea can get a check statement  

hi this my program ple salove me write a program eter cngumer no,name,lastmonth reading ,pmr,total units and find out the bill amount d/b/i using switch statement 

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