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Prime Number in Java

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tutorials so far word fine till i got 2 this one a
tutorials so far word fine till i got 2 this one and i get an error on line 18 int num = Integer.parseInt(bf.readLine()); with bf.readLine(); 

ok i solved the prob
ok i solved the prob 

I cant understand what "throws Exception" do
I cant understand what "throws Exception" do 

how to write given no is prime or not plz provide
how to write given no is prime or not plz provide code for that 

I really respect who has developed this website and uploaded the easy and good programs. i really like this webiste and due to this website i have got A+ in my final exams in java. i have not touched even my course book. I really like it keep it up 

need for bufferReader
regarding bufferreader-is it able to use datainputstream instead. really this tuts help me a lot! nith wishes----------naveen 

learning of Java
Thanks for providing for program.Java is a very nice laungage. 

java Questions
Actually Connection is an interface in jdbc,without creating a class how can we get a method inside connection interface?  

Using Validator in struts
Please tell me about the mask Rule  

Explain please!
Couldn't understand the code where it says: if(i == j) Can anyone explain me this bit?y do we need that for?  

coding for firewall implementation using java
hai. i need sample coding for firewall implementation using java. 

Reply-how to write given no is prime or not plz pr
import*; class PrimeNumber { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{ int i; BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println("Enter number:");  

rfid connectiviity code
hello sir I have visited this site frequently,whenever I get any coding problems. I am creating an project for my last year of Bsc.IT for that I required an I have never work with rfid I don't have any idea how to connect it with computer,I a 

thx 4 the code..
thx 4 the code.. i really use it.. but can i ask if how to start the counting from 1..? ill wait 4 the code.. thx ahead.. 

Keep It UP..
This is Really a Helful & nice site bcause the programs r easy 2 understand.. Q.) Source code for displaying 10 Prime no. starting from 100. 

java fresher
satisfy with your answers  

osam and much easier to get requierd prog's 

i will like to know a lot about the way vectors work in programming(java) and the sample codes. 

Just chek the code once again
whn i give number 0 , it prints 2 3 5 7 , rectify it  

its really a nice site for java beginners.. 

information tecknology
it's very difficult 


I need the abut the gme,s for this week, so no badi tolme abuy that.only this I'm iform to you. thankyou verry much. 

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