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Server Side Application

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nice application.helpful  

Very Good 

i want this projects 

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chat server in java  how develope a chat server in java language,not standalone application,i want to develpoe a web base application,please give me a idea,code, this application deployed in a netwok  Hi Friend 

Chat Server Tutorial

Chat Server
; Chat server is a standlone application that is made up the combination of two-application, server application (which runs on server side) and client application... the Understand and get the chat server application by following steps 

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server ,in network base chat server ,there is no use of the AWT,SWING,in server side... give me code/idea how make a chat server which run on the network(WAN server in java  sir i was ask u question related to the chat 


Chat Server

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Chat server
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chat server
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chat server
chat server  how to write code for Many-Many (Broad cast): Each client opens a socket connection to the chat server and writes to the socket. Whatever is written by one party can be seen by all other parties 

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Chat Server Tutorial

Server Side Application
Server Side Application       Server side application is used to get the message.... The Server side application follows these steps Firstly creates a new server socket