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Features and Limitations of the Application



how can i run... the chat.... the following errors occur.... On _____________________________________________ java.lang.Error: Do not use javax.swing.JFrame.add() use javax.swing.JFrame.getContentPane().add() instead  

chating Project
i have tried this project in my system as said in the readme.txt but in my system it is not working can you tell why it happen likes that.. i have facing an error when i run the file....  

online chatting
this is the best but whether i can use it without java mail 

my opinion
hi guys, this site is actualy very very helpful for our programing life.this one is ma origin of ma java programin lif.perfectly u can b improv ur knowlage with this site. Thanx. I'm udith Srilanka 

hi friends.. i am new to roseindia. one of my friend told features of this site.... can anyone tel me if u have any project(it should have database) ...  

hai! thank u. i can easily understood about chatting. 

can u change it to one to one chat
hi, sir the code is running nice....but i want one to one chat can u prefer me some code to chage the application 

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