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Open Source MP3 Player

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Hello guys, Does the source file for mp3 player c
Hello guys, Does the source file for mp3 player can be found here? Do IC companies provides free mp3 decoder chip for free?If yes..plz recommend me sites. Best Regards, Ashish 

any architecture details of the mp3 palyers
any architecture details of the mp3 palyers 

Timidity and Lame Replacements sought
I've developed a web software application that will take a MIDI file and manipulate it to yeild a new output MIDI file. Scripts are written such that the MIDI file is automatically read into Timidity which converts it to wav., then into Lame which co 

simple music player
i want to create a simple music player in java that supports on mp3 format with basic funtions like play, pause, stop,etc..and my knowledge in this is poor..kindly help me for doing this  

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how to Create a media player  hi great friends my name is David.please i need a source code with detailed explanation on how to create a media player mp3 format.I need this urgently please!my E-mail address 

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how to stop audio (mp3)   if(e.getActionCommand(). equals("Stop")){ player.stop(); } i am making an audio player in which i have to stop a song. on writing player.close() it pauses the song rather than 


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