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The site is very good.If possible inlude some more examples  

you are doing great job... if some post the question many viewer gives the solution..that solution only for the question raiser....can you display the solution for all...if its possible! 

plz clarify these doubt's
Hi i've so many doubts in java wat is the difference b/w forward,include and sendredirct methods. wat is the difference b/w array and vector with example? and wat is the difference b/w inner class and annoymous class? Plz clarify my doubt's 

servlets config & context (mapping XML )
i had problems while coding servlets config & context(only in mapping of XML ) so please give me any one code with example for mapping of config & context in XML ->example(html code,servlet code and XML code) 

it was excellent for begginer's in java 

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