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More About the CronTrigger

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What if i want to fires trigger at 10:30, 11:45, 12:21 and 13:36 

simple vs cron triggers
i previously left a question regarding firing a trigger on a given time... I gave it further study... Using this snippet: JobDetail jd2 = new JobDetail( "hellojob", "group", HelloJob.class ); //will run every 5 minutes starting from minute it 

is it possible
"0 0/3 * * * ?" this cron expression can fire every 3minutes starting from inute zero right, is it possible that the cron starts at the current minute instead of minute zero/initialized minute? How will i code that kind of cron expression?  

what if i want to fire a trigger and the start is the current minute and not minute will i code the cron expression? 

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