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Reading UTF - 8 Encoded Data in Java


Hi i am unable to read the contents from UTF-8 En
Hi i am unable to read the contents from UTF-8 Encoded file. As it is providing me the junk characters as ??? please provide the better solution thanks 

Hi, am santosh...... I too facing the same proble
Hi, am santosh...... I too facing the same problem what the Saurabh has. pls provide the solution. thanks  

Unable to read data from UTF 8 file using java
Hi , m doing the same but getting junk char as output, please help if anyone knows better solution.. of reading DoubleByte Chars from csv file and writing the same to Oracle(Already DoubleByte Supported) Thanks in Advance 

thnx working fine...
i was facing problem while reading from console. Solved. :) thank you... 

Thank you so much!!
I've been trying to read UTF-8 for the last three hours!!! 

It does not work to me when I put the file inside
It does not work to me when I put the file inside a .war. the not english caracters are wrong read! in a stand alone project. it works perfectly! 

check this link http://howto-noimat.blogspot.com/2009/12/crear-archivos-utf8-con-java.html 

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