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Displaying Date in Servlet

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This site is very good. But take care of the pro
This site is very good. But take care of the programs and their output coming on the screen. In the above program to print date no code is written. So please rectify it as early as you can. Thank you. 

today i am reading this page.in the above program
today i am reading this page.in the above program your output does not match with your coding part,so as soon as possible rectify it. thanks  

This site is very nice and good for biginner of ja
This site is very nice and good for biginner of java. The program of servlet for displaying date is not correct because it shows HelloWorld output 

Now, you can get the correct example with the corr
Now, you can get the correct example with the correct code and description. Thanks for pointing out the error. Chandan Kumar Verma Roseindia Member 

the o/p of the program is incorrect...the object p
the o/p of the program is incorrect...the object pw prints "hello world" and not the date...there are no methods which invoke the date from the system  

I think u have put the wrong program.It is same as
I think u have put the wrong program.It is same as previous "Hello World" program. 

validation in servlet
i want the validation of time and time and date 2)string tokinezer 

This site is very good for freshers to know about java .. 

Regarding Response.....
Now i am a software Trainee....Your website is very easy to learn for the beginners...It contains each and every steps that we follow ......It is very nice.... 

About Java/J2EE Tutorial
Its very good for those who are willing to learn the Java Technology. All the Concepts and the examples are very easy to learn and Understand. Now, I am learning the advance Java concepts through our site. thanks for roseindia.  

Good Example
This is a good example ... 

this is amazing website and is very helpful for us to learn more n more. 

what about the .html file..??
this program is not running wen i am using it thru netbeans... what about the .html file..??? 

I want disply only Date  

servlet prog prob
i think ..url pattern must match with the class name....otherwise we have to use *.do.please rectify it,if it is so 

regarding output
The output is not coming...some method is missing 

program error
in the above program having some error in web.xml i.e <servlet-class>DateDisplay</servlet-class> ur wronglyu given the servlet class name instead of DateDisplay give DisplayingDate in the servlet-class value  

Wrong Name for class
<servlet-class>DateDisplay</servlet-class> I think the name should be same public class DisplayingDate extends HttpServlet{  

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