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An Introduction to JSTL

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it is really good but if u add the output page a
it is really good but if u add the output page along with the code u given then it will be more good 

Hi, really good introduction. I need some help with jstl. wrt demo7, if i have the first two columns from one list containing n rows(which is populated from a DB table) and the last 3 columns are from another list containing the same n rows(from a 

Yes, it's really good and simplified approach to understand but if u add output it's very nice.I'm requesting about my comment 

please help me on <c:url>
hey i need to call pageflow controller's action method usin <c:url>.. is that possible.. ie i need someway to call action method from <c:url>'s value attribute in portal 10.. 

Please provide explanation on "fmt"
This is Very good explanation. Please provide explanations on <%@taglib prefix="fmt" uri="" %> 

Nice one
Easy to understand and implement 

the below url is working for tocat6.0
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> 

...this article is very helpful continue the good work.............  

extraordinary simple examples which helps begginners to understand core JSTL tags very well......... Thank You roseindia.... 

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