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Hibernate Types

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Hi Guys, i am facing this net.sf.hibernate.StaleOb
Hi Guys, i am facing this net.sf.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or Unsaved-value mapping was incorrect) for sg.gov.moe.rm.edusave.persistence.WDByActBatch instance with identifier 7118-200704-W 

how to use arraytype
in hbm.xml file , how can i use array? where name is used as array of object in a dto class 

Hibernate 3 String/Clob Conversion
Hey I am trying to Use the TextType in order to convert Java String to Oracle.sql.blob .....I am getting Oracle type mismatch exp.....I have also upgrade the jdbc drivers from 9i to 10g....I have tried implementing the UserType interface to create a  

Collection dataType
Can a collection reference be created in hibernate to handle the mappings or do we require to create a specific set/map/list. Can that option be left for runtime? 

string array
want to use string array 

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hi  hi all, I am new to hibernate. could anyone pls let me know what is generic DAO class generated by MyEclipse while doing mapping. I want to delete a particular record using DAO. Here I provide MyEclipse automatiically 

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Hibernate code   I am facing a problem in hibernate program. Error is ::: Error in reading contact.hbm.xml contact.hbm.xml is my hibernate mapping file.  Hi Friend, check whether you have specified correct path 

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hibernate best practices   Hi all, I am working... any scenarios which will be better than other ones with details ASAP, i am thankful to you guys. thanks, somasekhar   Hi friend, Read 

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hibernate  Hi Good Morning Will u please send me the some of the tutorials of hibernate.Because ,i have to learn the hibernate.i am new to this its...;Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net/hibernate 

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What are the Collection types in Hibernate ?
What are the Collection types in Hibernate ?  hi, What are the Collection types in Hibernate ? Thanks 

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Hibernate  I am trying to connect hibernate with ejb2.0 stateless session bean, my application sucessfully deploy in weblogic server but when i execute the client application i got an error message that class not found exception 

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hibernate  hi i am new to hibernate. i wan to run a select query... hibernate for use SessionFactory sessionFactory = new Configuration... is: plz help me as i m unable to do 

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Hibernate  hi sir i need hibernate complete tutorial for download   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Hibernate Tutorials Thanks 

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What are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate?
What are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate?  Hi, What are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate? thanks 

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