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conversion to pdf
using servlet,database. Database is used to store all column values(names of columns TO,TEXT,FROM).So,in text column it cosists of both images and text.My problem is how to covert this to pdf //TEXT Column Valueexample This is pavan from hyderab 

i need to add some buttons for the client 

questions on baking project
i put 2+ years fake and i put that i am working in banking domain.i told to all the interviewers that i involved in user options module (login page ,password change, pin change...). interviewers are asking me where you are using servlets,jsp and how 

virtual functions
a real time exp for virtual fun and the purpose of virtual fun......... 

date query
from database am receiving the date as french date after receiving am setting the same date to calender now the problem is where i set the french date to calender its setting as india on this 

c++ program to store and manipulate employees in a company.soft copy 

c programming Language
int main() { int i = 1, c = 0, sum = 1,j ; scanf("%d", &j); while (i <= j) { sum = sum + (i /3+i/5); printf("%d\n", sum); i = i +i/3+i/5;  

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