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I hope that someone can help me
This is Case Study:- The University Accommodation Office Data requirements specification Data requirements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Students----------------------------- 

Java vs MySQL
I created a software using netbeans and MySQL. I gave Clean and build option in netbeans to create a portable jar file. But when i take this jar file to other systems, the database wont work. Why? How to copy my SQL database to other system and make  

Graduate Student
How can I get the intersection of two bit streams without a while loop and one as a parameter? like "00011" and "00010" =1 while "00011" and "11000" =0 

how towrite a query for eg: display all the 'ANALYSTS' whose name does not end with'S' 

SQL Equal Criteria?
I'm trying to create a criteria formula that will allow me to compare the values of two columns. For example, If I have Table A with the following three columns; Name, Old Date, New Date. I want to find all Names where Old Date = New Date.  

Convert rows to columns in sql server
table name is::CandidateTemp id FieldName Value 1 email aaa 1 skill c 1 name AAAAA 2 email aaa 2 skill c,java 2 name AAAAA 5 email aaa 5 skill c 5 name GGGG 9 email iii 9 skill c,vb,java 9 name AAAA and i want this format i 

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Can someone help me with this?
Can someone help me with this?  I have this project and i dont know how to do it. Can someone help me? please? Write a java class named "PAMA..., Multiply, Divide) Help me please! Thanks in advance!   import 

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Could someone Possibly help me with this
Could someone Possibly help me with this   think of a number... - output count } } I currently have this import java.util.*; public class...(); } System.out.println("Correct!!!!!!!"); } } But when the code is run I do 

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need someone to do/help with code
need someone to do/help with code  i need someone to do a code for me..., I want a second class that is able to tell the owner how much he made that day, along with the number of items sold..please help did a code 500 times cant 

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could someone help in this ........
could someone help in this ........  dear Sir/Mrs I'll be thankful for helping me on this ....... write a program that reads 10 numbers. find the largest number and count the occurrence of the largest number from a declared 

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please i want someone to answer me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease...
please i want someone to answer me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease...    Write a JAVA program using 2D array to auto-grade exams. For a class of N students, your program should read letter answers (A, B, C, D) for each student. Assume 

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Can you help me with applet?
Can you help me with applet?  I'm very new to applet, and i'm weak in graphic design part. How can i add the graphic in my test project? Can you help me with this: import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import javax.swing. 

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Help me
Help me  hello!!!!. i have a Excel file which includes 4 columns and somewhat 8500 rows.these rows i have printed in SQL thru Excel file and i have 1 MYSql database which includes all those 4 fields i have defined in excel file 

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hi , i cant make this programmer , can any one help me to make it pls - Java Beginners
hi , i cant make this programmer , can any one help me to make it pls  ... program. i cant find delete records or update records  pls can someone make this program for me 

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help me
help me... class.Several lines of customer should be displayed. you can add a new customer... , one checked out , the customer is removed from the line. in addition, i want 

SQL Question

SQL help - SQL
SQL help  Hi Deepak, Can u pls tell me what is the difference between PL/SQL and MYSQL? Is there any difference in generating the code 

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