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Web Service

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Love this...... Very helpful... 

how can deploy web service on apache tomcat?
thanks,its helpfull, i have problem,i cant deploy web service on apache tomcat 6.0.20,why?pleas help to me 

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Webservices  Hi, this is chinna, i am trying to develop a web service that has to return one table data. i have taken table data in a two dimensional... This is my web service code public String[][] ProjectDetails(@WebParam(name 

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Web Service
Service can be added in a Web project or in Ejb project. Netbeans IDE helps... the Web Service program in Netbeans, which has Glassfish server by default. Web Service program in Web Project In Netbeans take new web project in figure 1 

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webservices  can any one tell me how to develop and execute ---------- j2ee webservices example in weblogic server with (netbeans or eclipse