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This section seems to be wonderful, coz, we would
This section seems to be wonderful, coz, we would never experience this kind of situation frequently. This seems technical round is much better than HR round. Ne how, it gave me great idea how to deal with such a situation. Thanks, Kumar 

Questions for HR interview along with answers
Hi, I am looking for questions that are generally asked by people who go for the post of HR...Kindly help me out with the same. Regards, Divya 

Reason for making switch
i want to know y do they ask for reason for swithing last oeganisation.once they see ur cv and call u up or interview saying that ur cv is shortlisted? then y do they ask this to u y i want to leave my last org? its like 1oe u offer someonero ear com 

hi i have been asked this question when i attended an interview and the interviewer(hr)was not satisfied with my answer and i got rejected the end so please kindly send me an answer to this question as soon as possible id:hema.naiduus@gmail.co 

part time traning instuties
please part time traning instuties send my mail 

hr interviwe question
hr interview question 

HR Round of interview
Hi, I know there is no accurate answers for these kind of questions, but could you give me some best kind of answers that HR expects a candidate to answer. Thanks - Megha 

i want answer of these questions becoz i want idea of these question. so send me on mail plz... 

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