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Open Source Document Management



OpenKM electronic document management system
OpenKM is a electronic document management system (DMS) based on java technologies ( Jackrabbit, Lucene, GWT- Google Web Toolkit ) useful for any enterprises intented to organize and share documents 

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Please be careful when providing LINKS to people on your website, it is HIGHLY unprofessional to have so many DEAD links on this site. I will not return as there is no real useful information here (unless you call a 404 useful) just a heads up  

What is suitable for an archive?
I need a scalable document management system, for digitising, keyword allocation, search, backup and publishing of archive documents which may be electronic or real, of various types. Does anyone have experience of an archive using an open DM solu 

OpenKM version 3.0
OpenKM is a multiplatform application for document management based on open technology (JBoss + GWT + Jackrabbit). Thanks to its elegant and intuitive interface, OpenKM transforms complex operations into easy tasks. It allows the storage, classificat 

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attendance management system source code
attendance management system source code  sir i want full ateendance management project please send me source code i am asking so many members... answer so please send code it's very urgent 

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